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    • The trends in logistics fields
    The basic elements of logistics: channels, network, pros and cons
    • The basic logistics functions
    • The general terms: logistics channels, logistics network
    • Pros & cons of distribution channels
    The inventory management: procurement, sale, inventory control
    • Procurement activities: inventory, ABC-XYZ, EOQ, reorder level, lead demand, safety stock & cycle stock
    • Sales forecasting: short-term and long-term sales forecasting, sales forecast based on seasonality and market fluctuations
    • Inventory control: service level, inventory turnover
    Storage and warehouse facilities
    • The top types of warehouses, the A-D classification of warehouses
    • Warehouse layout and operations
    • Storage and handling equipment
    • Warehouse management system (WMS)
    Transportation management
    • Transportation modes and their competition
    • Core freight KPIs of the transportation management system: calculation freight costs, LDM, the volume of the truck, the weight of the entire order
    • Incoterms 2020
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