Кількість назв: 940

    Administrative and legal status of civil-military administrations


    Автор Кузніченко С. О. Шевченко В. Ю.
    ISBN 978-966-916-734-7
    Видавець Видавничий дім "Гельветика"
    Рік випуску 2019
    Сторінки 144


    The monograph is devoted to the problems of the existence of civil-military cooperation in the historical experience of state-building of Ukraine. The legal status of civil-military administrations is analyzed, their basic rights and obligations are defined in the process of securing anti-terrorist operations. The functional load and the role of civil-military administrations in the process of ensuring the social and economic development of territories in the conditions of the immediate conduct of the anti-terrorist operation are revealed. Peculiarities of organizational structure and staffing of civil-military administrations are determined.

    The monograph is addressed to scientists, staff of military institutions and law enforcement agencies, representatives of state executive bodies, teachers, listeners, cadets and students of higher educational institutions.