Кількість назв: 940

    Competition Law of Ukraine


    Автор Kot O. О.
    ISBN 978-9934-588-98-3
    Видавець Baltija Publishing
    Рік випуску 2021
    Сторінки 204


    The research “Competition Law of Ukraine” by Oleksiy O. Kot is dedicated to give general overview of competition and antitrust regulation in legislation of Ukraine. After a brief description of the history of antitrust legislation development the main attention in this research paid to regulation of:
    - protection from abuse of the monopoly;
    - cartels (concerted actions);
    - concentrations (M&A transactions);
    - unfair competition;
    - misleading information.
    Liability for antitrust legislation breach as well as problems of the actual court practice are also analysed in this research. Laws of Ukraine “On the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine” and “On the Protection of Economic Competition” (unofficial translation of their current versions with latest amendments on December 2020) are included as annexes to this publication.