Кількість назв: 940

    S,N-modified aminothiols as antioxidants and potential anti-radiation agents (англ. мовою)


    Автор Kornet M., Brazhko O., Zavgorodnii M., Uzlenkova N., Aminova A.
    ISBN 978-9934-26-124-4
    Видавець Видавництво “Baltija Publishing”
    Рік випуску 2021
    Сторінки 204


    The monograph is devoted to the development of effective and low-toxic protectors and bioregulators that contain fragments of nitrogen-containing heterocycle (quinoline) and biogenic aminothiols (cysteamine, L-cysteine). The first chapter describes the known natural compounds with antioxidant and radioprotective properties and their mechanisms of action. The following chapters tell about the development stages of effective bioregulators, including modeling, virtual screening, synthesis and physicochemical properties researches. A special emphasis is placed on the study of how various structure modifications of the studied compounds (S-(2-methylquinolin-4-yl)-L-cysteine and S-(2-methylquinolin-4-yl)-cysteamines) affect different taxonomic groups (bacteria, plants, mammals). Along with this, antiradical, antioxidant, antitumor and radioprotective properties were studied and “chemical structure – biological action” dependence was defined. The purpose of studying derivatives of β-(2-methylquinolin-4-ylthio)-propionic acid is to determine the principled influence of the amino group on the manifestation of main activity types. The monograph is intended for synthetic chemists, medicinal and bioorganic chemistry specialists, biochemists, pharmacologists, students, postgraduate students, and teachers of chemical, medical, and biological institutions and their staff.