Кількість назв: 965

    Thermal Analysis of Avian Eggshell


    Автор Bordunova O. G., Chivanov V. D., Klochkova T. I., Dolbanosova R. V., Samokhina Y. A., Vechorka V. V., Loboda V. B.
    ISBN 978-9934-26-188-6
    Видавець Видавництво “Baltija Publishing”
    Рік випуску 2021
    Сторінки 144


    The power development of the poultry industry as a source of dietary inexpensive and high quality proteins necessitates the expansion of modern methods of operational control of the quality of egg products. Related to this, the increase in egg production hens negatively correlated with the quality indicators of their shell eggs. At the same time, a reduction in shelflife, especially in the most productive hens, results in high losses due to harvesting, packing and transportation of these eggs. Despite the efforts of breeders, technologists and professionals in the food and food processing industry, the problem is not solved to date. The monograph presents the results of extensive research by a team of authors in the field of industrial poultry farming in terms of research of quality indicators of egg shells and patterns of changes in their behavior under the influence of internal and environmental factors using modern methods of physical and chemical analysis. In particular, for the first time the methods of evaluation quality of egghells calcite structures using the thermochemical method – temperature-programmed mass-spectrometry (TDS MS) have been developed, theoretically grounded and protected by patents of Ukraine.